The REST API for tipshare.info has authentication system that is very simple and easy way, just specifying two parameters of query string of url.

When authentication required?

You should use authentication system when requesting to Private REST API. If authentication credentials were missing or incorrect when you request to one of private api, HTTP status code of response will be 401 Unauthorized. Also the response body will be empty in that situation. Therefore your application might need workaround for parse error when rejected.

The query parameters for authentication

These parameters will look like: http://tipshare.info/api/timeline.json?username=USERNAME&secret_key=SECRET_KEY


Name of user. since tipshare.info uses twitter's screen name as user name, you just need to specify that.


Secret string to identify client as correct user. This value will be able to be seen at user page or here if you logged in.

Reset Your Secret Key

In tipshare.info, the secret key is generated with twitter's access token. Therefore, to regenerate the secret key you must regenerate the token in twitter by following the flow below.

  1. Go to https://twitter.com/settings/applications
  2. Revoke tipshare.info
  3. Go to top page of tipshare.info and click "Sign in with twitter"(or open a page required logged in).
  4. Reauthenticate with twitter oauth.
  5. Then secret key will be regenerated since access token was regenerated.